2007 Group


PGA Tailgate was formed in the summer of 2007 by 12 former fraternity brothers looking to take their tailgating to the next level.  Prior to that a few of them would camp out all morning “guarding the spot” while depleting the jello shot stash.  There was a single 10×10 tent, a table, occasionally a grill, and stereo.  It was much simpler times.

Then in 2007 the 12 members pooled their money together with the hopes of starting small and purchasing one big item each year.  That idea quickly went out the window when the job was handed to Hunter Estess to purchase the sound system.  He bought a sound system… and everything else we thought that we would buy in the future.  That first year was the first and only year PGA ran at a deficit.2010 Group

In 2009 PGA moved across the street to their current spot.  In the curve of Dalrymple, right across the street from the Indian Mounds and atop the hill leading to the Carl Maddox Field House.  This move was much to the dismay of the “Relocation Committee” comprised of Justin Clark.  The “committee” had found us a spacious parking spot on the opposite side of campus – away from the creature comforts of grass, trees, and LSU fans.  The move to the peninsula that we call “The Island” has become one of the 3 greatest decisions PGA has ever made.  We may be biased, but we feel there is no better spot on gamedays than The Island (peninsula).  Easy walking distance to the stadium, easily accessible by car, across from the historic indian mounds, it is also the spot where Mike the Tiger parks and waits for the band to meet up with him as they march to the stadium.  After the game players and their families walk by on their way home often celebrating and talking with people along the way.


Throughout the years PGA has grown in members and in guests.  We are currently up to 30 members and it is not uncommon to have over 300 people packing the 6 tents that comprise PGA.  At each tailgate members and their guests can sit in the shade next to fans and watch the day’s action, play washers or giant jenga, enjoy a variety of beer, an open bar, and some of the best tailgate food on campus.

PGA doesn’t just confine their parties to Baton Rouge.  Each year the guys put on The PGA Tour and take their parties on the road to different campuses and bars throughout the south.  In 2016 PGA plans to make its longest pilgrimage yet to Lambeau Field.


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